03/25/21 Pioneer of Clean Energy Lynn Jurich

Please join us March 25 to Honor MIT’s 2021 Pioneer of Clean Energy:

Lynn Jurich, Co-Founder & CEO of Sunrun on the Internet

When: Thursday, March 25, 2021 5:00 to 6:30 PM PT

Event Details   or http://power.ieeesiliconvalley.org/  RSVP:  Registration

Cost:  $5 for IEEE Members, please register using this registration link which contains the IEEE PES promotion discount: Registration required

Virtual Fireside Chat Open to the Public

True pioneers are ahead of the pack – and benefit when the world comes around to their vision for the future. There is no better example in the clean tech space than Sunrun.

When Sunrun was founded 15 years ago by a few newly-minted MBAs, the rooftop solar industry was 1% of where it is today, only a few states were solar-friendly, solar panels were $3/watt, and home storage batteries were impractical. Fundamentally, the up-front costs of solar were out of reach to the vast majority of homeowners. Starting a solar business in this environment was nuts.

Sunrun’s journey from startup to successful public company was typical of pioneering survivors. Not only did the team develop a new residential solar business model and the infrastructure to help them scale, they also raised boatloads of cash to fund their rapidly growing solar installation business. Along the way they established close partnerships with solar equipment providers and installers, overcame resistance from skeptical utilities and policy makers, and took advantage of M&A opportunities for both revenue growth and technology.

Please join us to honor Lynn as our 2020-21 Pioneer of Clean Energy and to listen in on this fireside chat as she shares her team’s journey from crazy idea to viable business to successful public company. We’ll also get her thoughts on the future of solar and energy storage technology, the importance of public policy in the clean tech space, diversity in the workforce, and new opportunities in the rapidly changing electric utility business.

Lynn Jurich Co-founder & CEO Sunrun
Barry Cinnamon SB ’80 CEO Cinnamon Energy Systems
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