10/22/20: Powering a Datacenter/Base Station-on-Wheels

Cosponsored by Santa Clara Valley IEEE Power & Energy and Industry Applications Societies

Sponsored by IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (VTS)

Please join us October 22, 2020 for Powering a Datacenter/Base Station-on-Wheels

Speakers: Brian Zahnstecher, Principal, PowerRox LLC

Location:  WebEx on the Internet

When: Thursday, October 22, 2020 12:00 to 1:30 PDT

Event Details   or http://power.ieeesiliconvalley.org/  RSVP:  Registration

Cost:  Free! Registration required

We are in the process of transforming the average, consumer vehicle into an all-encompassing super machine with ubiquitous sensing, telecom


  • We are in the process of transforming the average, consumer vehicle into an all-encompassing super machine with ubiquitous sensing, telecommunications, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML), and infotainment. There is some discussion on how all these will increase the energy density footprint of AV/EVs, but rarely is it clearly articulated how dramatic this change will be and how it will impact the world around us. If a person said they were going to build a Datacenter/Base Station/Sensor Network/Theatre-on-Wheels, the concept may get brushed off as absurd. However, that is exactly what we are ALL talking about today, whether we are aware of it or not!
  • This talk will help to break down each of these functional areas (i.e. – data analytics, broadband integration, on-board sensor networks, and infotainment/IoT) and explore energy consumption implications (yesterday, today, and tomorrow). We shall build the linkages and interdependencies of these areas on one another, then work our way out to impacts/risks at the overall vehicle, network, and utility grid levels. Lastly, we shall explore potential changes in each of our key focus areas to set the world on a better trajectory than the one it is on today.

Brian Zahnstecher, Principal, PowerRox LLC

Brian Zahnstecher is a Senior Member of the IEEE, Chair (Emeritus) of the IEEE SFBAC Power Electronics Society (PELS), sits on the Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) Board of Directors, is Co-founder & Co-Chair of the PSMA Reliability Committee, Co-Chair of the PSMA Energy Harvesting Committee, and is the Principal of PowerRox LLC. He Co-chairs the IEEE Future Directions (formerly 5G) Initiative webinar series and is the founding Co-Chair of the IEEE 5G Roadmap Energy Efficiency Working Group and has lectured on this topic at major industry conferences. He previously held positions in power electronics with industry leaders Emerson Network Power (now Advanced Energy), Cisco, and Hewlett-Packard. He has been a regular contributor to the industry as an invited keynote speaker, author, workshop participant, session host, roundtable moderator, and volunteer. He has over 15 years of industry experience and holds Master and Bachelor degrees from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

See you on the WebEx!

Steve Jordan

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