June 23, FINsix: The Challenges of VHF Power Conversion

Santa Clara Valley IEEE Power & Energy and Industry Applications Societies

Hosted by SCV Power Electronics Society

The Challenges of VHF Power Conversion

Speaker:  Tony Sagneri, Cofounder and CTO, FINsix


Location:  Texas Instruments
Building E Conference Center
2900 Semiconductor Dr.
Santa Clara, CA 95051


Thursday, June 23, 2016:

6:30pm-7pm: Dinner and Networking

7pm-8pm: Talk and Questions

RSVP and event details:  http://ewh.ieee.org/r6/scv/pels/

Cost:  $3 to $5 depending on IEEE membership

About the talk:
How much could power supply density increase if operating frequency was substantially increased? Not just by a factor of 5 or 10, but into the 10’s of MHz, the frequency band known as Very High Frequency (VHF) in the radio world. Making very high density, high frequency power supplies with sufficient energy efficiency to meet thermal requirements is a significant challenge.

In this presentation, resonant power converter topologies based on class-E inverters will be reviewed. The design challenges of tuning the resonant elements, control, magnetic design, meeting EMI and safety requirements, and packaging for high density will be discussed, along with a vision of the future of high frequency power conversion.

About the Speaker:
Dr. Anthony Sagneri (AKA Tony) is Co-Founder and CTO of FINsix corp, a Menlo Park based startup with the goal of using our technology to build the smallest, lightest, and highest-performing power electronics. Dr. Sagneri also co-founded OnChip Power Corporation and served as its Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Sagneri helped establish the fundamental network principles behind VHF power conversion and designed and built over a dozen high-performance converters. In addition, he established and validated device optimization and transformer synthesis techniques enabling higher efficiency and access to a broader applications space.

Before MIT, he served for five years in the U.S. Air Force, rising to the rank of Captain. As a Mission Operations Commander at DGS-2, Beale AFB, he led a team of 70 intelligence operators to 169 collection missions over a number of locations worldwide. He served as a Director of OnChip Power Corporation. He holds a Ph.D. and S.M. in Electrical Engineering from MIT, a BSEE from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Intelligence Officer Course. He completed a Ph.D. with the RLE/LEES laboratory at MIT in VHF power.

 We look forward to having you join us. 

 Steve Jordan

Chairman, IEEE, SCV, IAS/PES

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