A Site Tour on January 20, 2016 Stanford Research Computing Facility at SLAC

Stanford Research Computing Facility at SLAC

Sponsor: Stanford University and SLAC

Speaker: Phil Reese, Research Computing Strategist, Stanford University

Location:  SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory


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Wednesday, January 20th, 2016, 10-12 am.  Please arrive by 9:55 am at Marguerite Bus Stop #102 at Stanford Shopping Center, approximately 240 Quarry Road.   See Map below.  Stanford calls the bus stop “Quarry Rd at Stanford Shopping Center” on the map link below.  Be sure to allow enough time to park in the Stanford Mall Parking lot or garage.  We are chartering a dedicated Stanford Marguerite bus to drive participants to SLAC, as you will not be able to park at SLAC.

Sorry, no onsite registration, and bring your government issued ID.



Registration required  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ieee-tour-stanford-research-computing-facility-at-slac-tickets-20496718236

Registrations must be received before 12:00 pm January 18th.  As a tour this event has limited capacity so please reserve early.  There will be no onsite registration due to security.



$20.00 for IEEE members.  Registrations accepted no later than January 18, 12:00 pm.   IEEE PES or IAS Membership is required for registration, and matching ID will be required at the tour.  We will enter a secure area that will require a government issued ID.  So, please bring your driver’s license or passport.  The event does not included lunch, fee includes transportation within Stanford/SLAC.


About the tour:  

We are pleased to offer a unique opportunity to tour the Stanford Research Computing Facility.  It provides the campus research community with data center facilities designed specifically for high performance computing equipment. High performance computing demands computer environments that far exceed those of enterprise and internet computing in several ways, including 50 kW+/ rack power densities.


Space and Power: The SRCF has 3 megawatts of power and can host 150 racks.  While this implies an average rack density of 20kW, the infrastructure can support higher-density compute racks with power consumption requirements from 20 to 100 kW each. Of the estimated 150 racks, 25 compute racks will be for SLAC, 50 for the School of Medicine, and 75 for Stanford’s non-formula schools.  The SRCF has a resilient but not redundant power infrastructure. The transmission grade power, delivered to SLAC and the SRCF, is UPS and generator protected, providing significant assurance should there be a regional power outage.


Cooling: The building’s design is non-traditional and especially energy efficient. The facility is cooled with ambient air fan systems for 90% of the year.  For the hotter days and for equipment needing chilled water, high-efficiency air cooled chillers are available.


Learn how the advanced power, space and cooling technologies work at Stanford to both save energy and deliver a high performance compute environment.


See you there!

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