SmartGrid Interoperability and Security

Speaker:  Sara Biyabani of Intel

About the talk:

The SmartGrid is a confluence of Power, Communications and Information technologies involved in electrical power generation, transmission, distribution and markets. It also encompasses numerous high-end instances of Internet-of-Things. In this talk we will give an overview of the IEEE 2030 SmartGrid Interoperability Series of Standards and address the important issue of Securing the SmartGrid in an effective manner.

IEEE Standard Guide 2030-2011 provides guidelines in understanding and defining smart grid interoperability of the electric power system with end-use applications and loads. Integration of energy technology and information and communications technology is necessary to achieve seamless operation for electric generation, delivery, and end-use benefits to permit two way power flow with communication and control. Interconnection and intra-facing frameworks and strategies with design definitions are addressed in this standard, providing guidance in expanding the current knowledge base. This expanded knowledge base is needed as a key element in grid architectural designs and operation to promote a more reliable and flexible electric power system.

With the growth of renewable energy sources such as Solar and Wind, which tend to be intermittent, Electrical Storage becomes critical. We will focus on the development of IEEE P2030.2 Standard Guide for the Interoperability of Energy Storage Systems Integrated with the Electric Power Infrastructure. The P2030.2 provides guidance in understanding and defining technical characteristics of energy storage systems, and how discrete or hybrid systems may be integrated with and used compatibly as part of the electric power infrastructure. Further, the standard fills the need for guidance relevant to a knowledge base addressing terminology, functional performance, evaluation criteria, operations, testing, and the application of engineering principles for energy storage systems integrated with the electric power infrastructure. P2030.2 builds upon IEEE Std 2030.

Finally, with the continued interest in securing the SmartGrid, we will examine the challenges involved and will present an example using Intel Security’s (McAfee) solutions in securing a Synchrophasor Network. We will also highlight Intel Labs’ contributions in Context-Aware Electric Vehicle Charging, and Energy management strategies for a Microgrid with Electrical Storage.

About the Speaker:

Sara Biyabani is an IEEE Senior Member who has chaired the Information and Communications Technology Subgroups of both the IEEE 2030-2011 and IEEE P2030.2 SmartGrid Interoperability Standards. Sara is a systems Performance Architect, who works on the architectural definition and optimization of high performance computer systems. She has brought numerous industry-leading products to market, such as the HP Integrity Servers, Apple’s PowerMac & iMac, SGI’s Indigo2 and Octane workstations and currently Intel’s Smartphones and tablets. She is the sole inventor of a patent (granted to Apple) on an optimized main memory design for integrated 3D Graphics.

Sara has a Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering (MSECE) degree from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Computer Science from Smith College, Northampton, MA.

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