Unlocking the Value of Real-Time Facility & Energy Information in the Data Center

Don Smith of OSIsoft

About the talk:

A deluge of connected devices, from simple sensors to IP enabled devices, have dramatically expanded the volume and usefulness of real-time data.   As such, real-time data is critical to our lives.  Whether from a manufacturing line, data center, pharmaceutical process, gas, electric or water utility this data significantly affects us.  OSIsoft’s Pi data base helps enterprises collect, manage, store and visualize real-time data.  This presentation will look at solutions to these challenges.

OSIsoft will discuss the variety and volume of real-time data as well as the differences in data types, data bases, and historians.   A sample IT architecture will show how this data gets from a diverse variety of sources to client applications and enterprise networks.  Discussed will be ways it can be analyzed, displayed and made valuable to the enterprise.

As example, OSIsoft’s Pi is the engine is behind eBay’s new “Digital Service Efficiency” dashboard which links revenue transactions directly to IT and energy costs.  This allows infrastructure and business KPI’s to be dramatically coupled to drive a more efficient enterprise.   OSIsoft’s Pi integrates real-time and historical facility, IT, financial and BAS data allowing eBay to move beyond PUE as a metric and drive business productivity for the entire enterprise.

About the Speaker:

Don Smith is Chief Customer Strategist and Executive Sponsor for Microsoft at OSIsoft.  His role includes global coordination of customer focus across all aspects. He also works to align OSIsoft’s products and services with Microsoft developments and products to bring business value.

Don joined OSIsoft as the second employee in 1981 and has participated in many aspects of the development of OSIsoft products and services throughout the company’s 30 year history. He has a B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas. Prior to OSIsoft Don held positions in plant construction, operations, and software design for Alcoa Refining and Chemicals Division.

His hobbies include jogging, diving, and sailing. He is known by many for using PI to manage and analyze his marine aquarium since 1996 and more recently monitoring his home power solar systems and electric car.

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