Benefits and Implementation of Modular Data Centers

James Alvers, Data Center Design Engineer at Hewlett Packard

Presentation: James Alvers

Information technology today is a world whose watchwords are volume, variety and velocity. We are awash in data from Facebook, Twitter, IM’s, internet searches, emails, video or mobile devices, etc. and updates are eagerly awaited.  That has made the data center a new type of utility: critical, essential infrastructure much like water or power.

As such, with a long construction cycle and a lifespan of 20 years, the typical monolithic greenfield data center is antithetical to the agility demanded by today’s IT. It typically begins with a custom design which can become inflexible over time and requires inordinate amounts of energy, maintenance and capital.  Modular and containerized solutions offer an attractive alternative.

In this presentation we will discuss:

  • Definitions and differences for containerized and modular data centers and a comparison to the traditional approach.
  • A review of the major components of a containerized data center solution: IT, Power & Cooling
  • A case study for a containerized data center solution including selection, criteria, implementation, pros and cons.

About the Speaker:

James Alvers joined Hewlett Packard as a Data Center Design Engineer in 2013.  Previously he had been with Schneider Electric as a Global Account Manager to HP for almost 10 years.  In that capacity he has been involved in numerous data center applications with both HP and its clients throughout the world.  Many of these applications involved HP’s Flexible DC or POD designs.  He has worked specifically with the power aspects DC design and electrical equipment.  James has also worked with HP on its major data center consolidation in 2006 as a power equipment supplier and application consultant.

Before being involved in data centers James worked in applications, marketing and sales management for Schneider Electric’s Industrial Automation Division.  He is a graduate of UC Berkeley with a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and was certified as an Energy Management Professional at Schneider Electric.

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