Virtual Meter Management Solutions

Pieter Noordam, co-founder of Alchemy Unlimited, Inc.

About the talk: Large facilities consume vast quantities of energy.  Due to the large expenditures and the focus on efficiency and energy conservation, these facilities have implemented metering and sub-metering systems.  For large installations, the complexity of these systems introduces significant new data management problems.  In particular aggregating meter data into cost and performance data is problematic.  Customers tend to have low confidence in the accuracy of the aggregate data due to data quality issues, complex association and constant changes in the physical infrastructure.   Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC) and other sites are facing these issues and have recently deployed a “VIRTUAL METER” database software tool which specifically solves these problems. This presentation will discuss these recent deployments and highlight the architecture, SLAC’s system and examples of the following:

1.       Layered, Web Based Virtualization: Summary of virtual meter definition using complex associations and status with underlying physical meters
2.       Data Quality Analysis: Data gaps are automatically recognized, flagged and identified
3.       Automatic Meter Rollover, Data Backfilling and Meter Replacement Detection
4.       Forecasting: managers need to know what the energy spend will be prior to receiving the utility bill.
5.       Web based graphical representations of data, physical infrastructure and associations.

About the Speaker:

Pieter Noordam is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur.  He is founder of RFISoft and co-founder of Alchemy Unlimited, Inc. which along with Applied Power Technologies, Inc. has developed the software tools discussed in this presentation. Pieter brings over 15 years of experience in engineering, management and marketing with significant expertise in systems development, software, general management and other fields such as digital video and RFID. Prior to RFIsoft, he was one of the founders of the Digital Video Systems business unit at Philips. Pieter sits on the board of the Association of Engineering (AFE) Silicon Valley. He earned a Master degree in Computer Science from the University of Delft in The Netherlands.


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