Data Center & Critical Facility Reliability & IEEE Std P3006.7

Speaker:  Robert Schuerger, PE, Hewlett Packard, CFS/EYP MCF .

Presentation: Robert Schuerger

About the talk: Reliability engineering is a very effective tool for data center assessment, upgrading existing facilities and in evaluating new designs. In the data center/critical facility world, much has been written about reliability, but only a small amount of it could really be considered “engineering.” The IEEE has a new standard coming out, Std P3006.7 Recommended Practice for the Determining the Reliability of “7 x 24” Continuous Power Systems in Industrial and Commercial Facilities. The draft standard has been balloted and is currently in ballot resolution, which means it will most likely be approved and available in early 2013. The presentation will: 1. Review the basic concepts and terminology of reliability engineering 2. Provide an overview of the draft standard 3. Present typical designs and show reliability analysis for: a. Critical electrical distribution systems b. Critical mechanical cooling systems c. Electrical power for the mechanical system The origin of P3006.7 was Chapter 8, “7 x 24” Continuous Power Systems, of the IEEE Gold Book, Std. 493-2007. With the reorganization of the whole IEEE Color Book series, what was chapter 8 is now a standalone standard. It has also been greatly expanded.

About the Speaker: Robert Schuerger was the Chair and primary author for Chapter 8 of IEEE Gold Book and is the current Chair of P3006.7. He has over 35 years of experience in electrical power generation and distribution, including start-up of both fossil and nuclear power plants, and many years of electrical testing and maintenance on low and medium voltage distribution equipment. In 2000 he joined EYP Mission Critical Facilities, Inc., thus focusing his career on data centers. With EYP MCF, which was purchased by HP in 2008, he has provided on-site engineering support, commissioning and electrical design. One of his primary tasks has been to develop methodologies to use commercially available reliability analysis software for analyzing critical electrical and mechanical infrastructures of existing and new data centers.

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