Latest trends in Data Center Design, Technology, and Siting

Speaker:   KC Mares President & CEO, MegaWatt Consulting

Presentation: KC Mares

About the talk: Data center designs have evolved significantly over the last few years — the focus on reliability, locations and new technologies has dramatically changed from what were the standards only a few years ago. Energy efficiency in data centers has become a key objective in the designs of today. KC will discuss not only these recent trends but also emerging trends that he is leading for many large Internet data centers, especially with the focus of the design, the locations of data centers and how this influences the designs. And KC will also highlight emerging technologies that may change the electrical designs of future data centers.

About the Speaker: KC Mares is President & CEO, MegaWatt Consulting and CTO of Unique Infrastructure Group the company developing the Reno Technology Park, the largest dedicated data center campus in North America with on-site renewable energy generation.
As CEO of MegaWatt Consulting, KC has completed data center site selection, design and efficiency projects for Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Equinix, NCAR, LBNL, US DoE, and many others. He has led the design of over $10 billion of data centers, all with industry leading energy AND cost efficiencies.
His work has earned numerous awards, including twice EnergyStar Partner of the Year, and is a pundit of long-term energy solutions that improve the quality of life, environment and sustained economic vitality.

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