01/27: ENERGY STORAGE: Technology, Policy, Applications and Investment

January 27th 2018

Energy Storage: Technology, Policy, Applications and Investment

Location: Huawei Technology, Building A

 2330 Central Expressway, Santa Clara, CA 95050

Date: Saturday, January 27th, 2018

Time:  12pm – 1pm: Registration, lunch, & networking;

            1pm – 3pm: Talks from speakers;

            3pm – 4pm: Panel discussion;

Registration Link:

Click on the “enter Promotional Code” link and Use Code “IEEE” for $10 Price.


Event Sponsors:  Huawei

Hosting organizations:

  • North America Chinese Power Professional Association (NACPPA) 北美华人电力协会;
  • US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC) 美中绿色能源促进会;
  • Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE) 美洲中国工程师学会旧金山分会.
  • Santa Clara Valley IEEE Power & Energy and Industry Applications Societies
Jason Xu, Ph.D., Sycamore Ventures North American venture partner, Sycamore Asia partner

Talk Title: Energy storage – from investment perspective. Case study (Amber Kinetics)

Abstract: Amber Kinetics, a flywheel based energy storage start up, is one of the investment which Dr. Xu manages. Dr. Xu will use Amber Kinetics and his technology as a case study to talk about energy storage from investment perspective.

Bio: Dr. Xu has 25 year management experience in business development, marketing/sales, manufacturing/operation, and product development both in US and China; in industries such as clean-tech & renewable energy, semiconductor, medical devices, wearable health devices and consumer products. Successful investment deals include Amber Kinetics Inc,Intraminds,and several others.  He is also a Senior advisor for UstarX, HNBC incubator, Makerehome, and Xian Jiaotong Incubator.  Dr.Xu graduated from Xian ChiaoTung University, a Ph.D degree in mechanical engineering from University of Minnesota.

Haresh Kamath, Battery Storage Group Director, Electric Power Research Institute

Talk Title:

Bio: Haresh Kamath is Program Manager for Energy Storage at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), managing the Institute’s research into the development, assessment, and application of energy storage technologies for grid storage applications. He is also a Technology Scout for EPRI’s Technology Innovation Program, where he investigates advanced materials technologies for power delivery applications, and advanced energy storage technologies.

Kamath joined EPRI PEAC in 2002 as a project engineer in energy storage and distributed generation. His responsibilities grew to include management of the energy technologies group, encompassing EPRI Solutions efforts in energy storage, distributed generation, energy efficiency, and electric transportation. He was an author for the EPRI-DOE Handbook of Energy Storage and serves on the board of directors of the Electricity Storage Association.

Before joining EPRI, Kamath worked at Lockheed Martin Space Systems as a product engineer responsible for spacecraft batteries. He also served as an applications engineering and business development manager at a startup energy storage company.

Kamath received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in chemical engineering from Stanford University.

Mike Gravely, Deputy Division Chief of the Energy Research and Development Division
California Energy Commission

Bio: Mike Gravely is the Deputy Division Chief of the Energy Research and Development Division at the California Energy Commission.  The Division manages over $150 million annually in new energy related research and development projects.  His efforts support the energy research and development needs of the state in a variety of areas that include:  expanding energy efficiency and demand response, integrating renewables, evaluating new advanced generation systems, implementing the California Smart Grid, guiding energy related environmental research, assessing future energy storage needs, and demonstrating energy smart sustainable communities.

Prior to his current position, he was the Manager of the Energy Systems Research Office at the Energy Commission where he managed over $200 million in active energy related research and development projects in a variety of technical areas that include:  Smart Grid, Renewable Grid Integration, Microgrid implementation, Transmission, Distribution, Demand Response, Energy Storage, Distributed Energy Resources, Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS), and Sustainable Communities.

Mike has over 30 years of engineering and integration experience in the energy, aerospace and communications fields.  Prior to the Energy Commission, Mike served in executive positions in the Federal Government and private industry including managing research, testing and fielding of distributed generation and energy storage systems for the Department of Defense, addressing the challenges of a start up energy storage company and overseeing a staffing and training company that specialized in serving the utility industry.  Mike Gravely has a BSEE from the Virginia Military Institute and an MSEE from California State University at Sacramento.


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1/17/18 Solar MicroGrid Battery Showdown: New Location

Join us January 17th 2018 for a presentation & discussion on

Solar and Storage for Off Grid applications

Speaker: Joe O’Connor, Mercedes Benz Energy and Author of Off Grid Solar

Excellent practical discussion on battery costs in a solar MicroGrid

Location:  Mercedes-Benz Research & Development

309 N. Pastoria Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Click here for picture of the main entrance on Hermosa Ave near Pastoria; the event will be in the cafeteria to the right of the spinning Mercedes logo

 When: Wednesday, January 17, 2018: Dinner & Networking: 6:00 pm; Presentation, 7:00 pm

Event Details: http://power.ieeesiliconvalley.org/

RSVP:  Registration required https://www.eventbrite.com/e/solar-microgrid-battery-showdown-tickets-41665994110

Cost:  Registration through 01/15/2018:  $20.00 for IEEE members, $25.00 non-members.  Walk-Ins if space available:  $25 members/$30 non-members

In his talk, Joe O’Connor will discuss the importance of solar microgrids in the future, particularly focusing on the technology of solar photovoltaics (PV) and Lithium-Ion battery storage. The solar energy industry has been growing rapidly in the past decade. In the past few years, the cost of Energy Storage has decreased significantly helping with the intermittency of renewable energy. Paired together, solar and energy storage create the opportunity to have self-sustaining solar microgrids, which are proving to be extremely cost effective in many regions. Places that lack nearby abundant fuel sources for power plants, such as islands, are prime markets for solar microgrids. As part of the discussion on the importance of microgrids in a clean energy future, Joe will also share a case study on solar microgrids in Virunga National Park in the Congo.

Biography:  Joe O’Connor is Senior Application Engineer at Mercedes-Benz Energy and author of Off Grid Solar: A handbook for Photovoltaics with Lead-Acid or Lithium-Ion batteries. Seeking to amplify his impact after over a decade of traveling to remote places to install solar, Joe decided to share his knowledge and experience in solar energy systems by writing a book. Joe has built off grid solar energy systems in the U.S., Haiti, Nepal, Portugal, Guatemala, and most recently in Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of the Congo. To learn more about his work in Congo, click here to read SolarCity, Tesla, and Virunga, Building Solar Micro Grids for the guardians of Africa’s oldest and most biodiverse national park.

Joe has over 15 years of product design and engineering experience and has worked in the renewable energy industry in San Francisco Bay Area and New York City. His consulting background includes solar system design, energy efficiency, and product development.

Joe has a master’s in Manufacturing Engineering from Polytechnic Institute of NYU, and was selected as a recipient of the Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurship.

More about the talk:


See you there!

Steve Jordan


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12/06 Grid Storage for Renewables Integration

Grid Storage for Renewables Integration

Last date to register:  December 2, 2017

Four executives from major firms give their unique perspective on the future of grid storage!                                                                         

Kelly Warner – President, Advanced Microgrid Solutions

Steve Malnight – Senior Vice President, PG&E

Kate McGinnis – Market Director, AES Energy Storage

Barry Cinnamon – CEO, Cinnamon Solar & Storage

Moderator: Jeff Byron, Band of Angels & former CEC Commissioner

December 6, 2017                                                                                     

Dinner & Networking 6:30-7:30pm; Program 7:30-9:30pm

 PARC      3333 Coyote Hill Road
Palo Alto, California 94304

REGISTER:  please see discount code for IEEE

Registration Link: http://northerncalifornia.alumclub.mit.edu/s/1314/2015/club-class-main.aspx?sid=1314&gid=25&pgid=40951&content_id=43754

 $45 General Admission

$10 discount with IEEE1206 promotion code

What will it take in terms of megawatts of energy storage and dollars to flatten the belly of the famous duck curve in California and meet the 2030 RPS goals?

What storage solutions will prevail – customer-side, behind the meter or utility scale, in front of the meter,?

What are the costs and benefits of each type of solution?

The electric grid is a complex system in which energy supply and demand must always match at any given time.  Since renewable sources like wind and solar are subject to variability, energy storage helps to smooth out the differences between energy supply and demand. It stores excess energy when supply exceeds demand, and dispatches energy when demand exceeds supply.

Today’s energy storage companies are going a step further by not only providing backup power to customers or the grid but also providing the ability to respond instantaneously to the utility grid needs. This combination of flexibility and ability to dispatch is a valuable asset.

Until recently, the cost of energy storage has been prohibitive, but battery prices have been declining rapidly in recent years and are projected to continue to decline with technology improvements and manufacturing scale.

Note: While other storage technologies are also being developed, this discussion will focus on chemical batteries, which are by far the most common.

Questions?  Please contact Pauravi Shah at pauravi@alum.mit.edu


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11/15: Sub-Metering for Large Electricity Users New Date!

Join us November 15th 2017 for a presentation on Sub Metering:
Speaker: Rich Celio, APT Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

Electrical energy cost continue to be one of the largest overhead expenses for any business. As a result, there’s significant value in implementing a properly designed electrical sub-metering system.  Drivers for investing in these systems include Title 24 requirements, LEED and Energy Star point systems, recovering cost through tenant billing, and inter-departmental cost allocation.  However, there is still a lot of confusion over the subject of Sub-metering and many examples of poorly executed systems.  Rich will address the numerous technical, legal, code pitfalls that should be avoided, and discuss what it takes to properly design, implement and operate a successful and legal system.
Location: Biltmore Hotel
2151 Laurelwood Road
Santa Clara, 95054
When: Wednesday, November 15th 2017: Dinner & Networking: 6:00 pm; Presentation, 7:00 pm
Event Details: http://power.ieeesiliconvalley.org/

RSVP:  Registration required https://submetering.eventbrite.com
Cost: Registration through 11/13/2016: $30.00 for IEEE members, $35.00 non-members. Walk-Ins if space available: $35/$40 non-members

Rich is the founder and CRO of Applied Power Technologies, Inc., an engineering and systems integration firm based in San Jose that provides advanced power management solutions for large commercial/industrial/institutional clients. He is a leading expert on measuring and monitoring electricity via sub metering, and is a registered professional electrical engineer in the State of California.  He is a Senior Member of IEEE/PES/IAS and past Chair of the Silicon Valley Chapter of the IEEE Power Engineering Society & Industry Application Society.  He has over 30 years’ experience in helping industrial/commercial customers solve difficult electrical systems problems at APT as well as at PG&E, BMI and Jacobs Engineering.  He has a BSME from San Jose State University.  He taught at SJSU as a grad student and was part time faculty for over 10 years in the Energy Management Program at De Anza College.

See you there!

Steve Jordan

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10/17: Energy Harvesting Next Generation using a Triboelectric Nanogenerator

Santa Clara Valley IEEE Power & Energy and Industry Applications Societies

In cooperation with Host: IEEE Nanotechnology Council

Are proud to sponsor a talk on:
Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Next Generation Mechanical Energy Harvesting

Dr. Myeong-Lok Seol, Research Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center

Register: Here

Tues Oct 17

11:30am: Networking, Pizza & drinks

 Noon-1PM: Seminar

Cost: $6; discount for IEEE Members, Students & Unemployed

Location: Texas Instruments Building E Conference Center
2900 Semiconductor Dr., Santa Clara, CA 95052
See the TI Building location map and directions

Demand for mobile power sources is increasing with the growth of wireless sensor networks, mobile healthcare devices, and internet-of-things (IoT). Most small electronic components use a battery as the sole power source, but all batteries have a limited lifetime and require costly recharging and replacement. Mechanical energy harvesting is a technique that converts ambient mechanical energy sources, such as vibration, wind, and motion, into useful electrical energy. By introducing energy harvesters, small electronic systems can extend their lifetime, reduce maintenance costs, and enable sustainable operation. The triboelectric nanogenerator is a recently developed mechanical energy harvester that is based on triboelectricity.
Triboelectricity has been generally considered a harmful phenomenon because it often causes breakdown of electronic circuits and natural fires. However, in terms of energy harvesting, this strong power is an advantage when properly controlled and collected. In this seminar, the background and fundamental principles of the triboelectric nanogenerator will be explained. A nanostructure implementation technique based on the nature-replication method to improve output performance will also be presented. In addition, recent research progress on triboelectric nanogenerators for space missions will be introduced.

Myeong-Lok Seol
is a research scientist at NASA Ames Research Center. His research interests include energy harvesting and nanotechnology-enabled electronic devices. Currently, he is developing energy harvesting devices for space missions, including a Mars-based triboelectric nanogenerator and an all-printed triboelectric nanogenerator. He received the B.S. degree in 2010 and the Ph.D. degree in 2016 from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea. He has published 55 international journal articles, has presented at 7 international conferences, and has received 8 patents.

The IEEE Nanotechnology Council provides a forum for leading researchers and companies to discuss their work, along with networking opportunities for local scientists and engineers

The IEEE Power & Energy Society is a worldwide, non-profit association of more than 21,000 individuals engaged in electric power engineering.  The Industry Applications Society focuses on the advancement of the theory and practice of electrical and electronic engineering in the development, design, manufacture and application of electrical systems, apparatus, devices and controls.

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