Reinventing America’s Electricity System

Santa Clara Valley IEEE Power & Energy and Industry Applications Societies

Courtesy of the MIT Club of Northern California, co-sponsored by IEEE SCV PES/IAS
Join us April 18th 2017 for a special presentation:

Reinventing America’s Electricity System

Hear first-hand from the project leader of The Future of Solar and The Future of Natural Gas what tomorrow may look like!

Dr. Frank O’Sullivan, Director of Research & Analysis, MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017, Dinner 6:30-7:30pm, Program 7:30-9:30pm

3333 Coyote Hill Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304


$30 MITCNC members / $35 IEEE members / $45 non members

Use promotion code: IEEE418 on the MIT Site

Today’s electricity sector is in a state of flux. Important questions are being asked by stakeholders up and down the value chain as to whether the technical and commercial paradigms that have defined the sector for a century are still relevant, and if not, how will tomorrow’s power system look?

To what degree will greater customer engagement, new technologies and business models and evolving regulations yield a distinctly different-looking electricity business?

MITEI’s Frank O’Sullivan will examine the rise of distributed energy resources and how these technologies can play a role in delivering cleaner, more cost effective and reliable energy services to the nation, while delivering greater value to end users.

He will describe the technology gains that are opening up these new possibilities –  including the rapidly falling cost of solar PV and battery storage and the increasing resolution of grid pricing and performance data, both temporal and spatial, highlighting the need for the much greater digitization of the power system and the challenge of paying for those assets.

He will also examine the strengths and weaknesses of business model innovations that are bringing this change to the market, such as residential solar leasing and the role this plays in driving the development of new financial products including solar asset backed securities.

He will cover the paradox that the successful deployment of clean low marginal cost energy assets tends to cannibalize their own competitiveness, impacting how a cleaner power system may be built.

He will conclude with a discussion regarding the central role that business model innovation has played and will continue to play in transforming the power system, including where customer value lies and the challenges of financing the capital needs of the transformation.


Dr. Francis (Frank) O’Sullivan is Director of Research and Analysis for the MIT Energy Initiative, and a Senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management. His work is focused on the evolution of the electric power sector, particularly on the integration of large-scale solar and wind resources, advanced storage deployment and on how digitization is enabling operational optimization and the development of new business models.

He was a Senior Advisor to the US Department of Energy’s 2017 Quadrennial Energy Review, and is a member of the National Academies’ Roundtable on Science and Technology for Sustainability. Dr. O’Sullivan is also a Senior Associate with the Energy and National Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Prior to MIT, Frank was with McKinsey & Company. He is an electrical engineer by training, receiving his PhD, SM and EE degrees from MIT and his BE degree from the National University of Ireland.

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Santa Clara Valley IEEE Power & Energy and Industry Applications Societies

Invite you to join a special presentation and panel discussion:



Hosted by the

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM (PST)

At the Computer History Museum

Speaker: Ed Cazalet, Founder & CEO, TeMix Director/Founder, Transactive Energy Association (TEA)

Panel Discussion with:
Mike Burke, Founder & Executive Director, SUSTAINABLE ENERGY PROJECT
Rish Ghatikar, Technical Executive, EPRI
Tim Keating, Executive Director, DYNAMIC GRID COUNCIL
Todd Strauss, Senior Director, Grid Strategy & Analytics, PG&E
Ryan Wartena, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, GELI
Geoff Sharples, Energy Sales Director, IOT Strategy, Energy & Industrial, INTEL 


Location:  Computer History Museum

Mountain View, CA

Event Details:


RSVP:  Registration required

Cost:  Registration through 02/19/2017:  $35.00 for IEEE members, $95.00 non-members, plus fees.  Select the nonprofit registration option and enter the code “IEEE” in the nonprofit identification section (Not the promotional code).



About the event

Stratton Report’s launch panel in Sacramento in January profiled a diverse cross-section of approaches to the emerging distribution grid with very high renewables penetration. 10 speakers assessed the three main “models” for grid ownership and operation – Utility-centric, Third-party-centric, and Customer-centric. In our second session, held in Silicon Valley, we will focus in on the “Customer-centric” side, with a presentation from California electric grid expert and pioneer Dr. Edward Cazalet. Cazalet’s company TeMix is currently engaged in a “Retail Automated Transactive Energy System (RATES)” pilot project with SoCalEdison and Universal Devices funded for $3.2 million by the California Energy Commission. Cazalet is a long-time thought leader in the California grid, formerly a Governor of CAISO, and the initial advocate of AB2514, Californa’s Storage Mandate bill.

“The CEC’s purpose for this Grant is to develop and pilot-test behind-the-meter load management systems, operational strategies, and retail tariff options that minimize the cost and complexity of customer participation in electricity markets, and engage participants from any customer sector, but focus on residential and small commercial customers. Universal Devices Inc. (UDI) and TeMix Inc were competitively awarded this grant for approximately $3.2 million for the period June 2016 to March, 2019. Non-financial support letters were provided by Southern California Edison (SCE), the California Independent System Operator (CASIO) and the OpenADR Alliance. UDI and TeMix will develop and pilot a retail transactive energy platform, automated end device controls, and an innovative two-way subscription tariff. The pilot is with about 200 SCE residential and small commercial customers. The transactive platform interfaces with the SCE distribution and energy service providers and the CAISO market.”


[More info:]


Steve Jordan


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The Impending Revolution In Transportation

Santa Clara Valley IEEE Power & Energy and Industry Applications Societies

Courtesy of the MIT Club of Northern California, co-sponsored by IEEE SCV PES/IAS
Join us January 24th 2017 for a special presentation:

 The Impending Revolution In Transportation

 Autonomous vehicles, sharing, connectivity & EVs will change our lives for the better!

 Dr. Stefan Heck

Founder & CEO – NAUTO

Former Consulting Professor – Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy

Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Dinner 6:30-7:30pm

Program 7:30-9:30pm

3333 Coyote Hill Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304


$30 MITCNC members / $35 IEEE members / $45 non members

Use code: IEEE124 on the  MIT Site   

Have you driven the freeways around the Bay Area lately, wondering how we will ever get out of this mess?  Commute traffic continues to worsen.  Car pooling and HOV lanes have not worked.  Light rail has not worked.  BART is expanding but has limited coverage. What hope is there?

Dr. Stefan Heck, co-Founder & CEO of Nauto, a Palo Alto-based autonomous vehicle software company, will kick off a new series on the Future of Transportation in the Bay Area, produced by the MIT Club of Northern California’s Energy & Environment team.

Dr. Heck, a true visionary and a dynamic speaker, believes that a convergence of innovative new technologies, consisting of autonomous driving, vehicle sharing, connectedness and rapid growth of electric vehicles will create a revolution in how today’s current single car drivers will view their transportation options in the near future and that, although implementation will sometimes be challenging, there is room for cautious optimism in the Bay Area and elsewhere.

Dr. Heck is CEO and co-Founder of Nauto, a Palo Alto-based autonomous vehicle technology company.  Nauto connects fleet managers, insurers, commercial vehicles and drivers through a deep learning platform that makes roads safer and helps businesses run more effectively.  At Nauto’s core is a perpetually learning artificial intelligence system and network which learns from drivers and events in real time, allowing drivers to stay one step ahead and gain a precise, comprehensive view of driving activity and behavior.

Until recently, Dr. Heck was Consulting Professor at the Precourt Institute for Energy at Stanford University, teaching courses and conducting research on innovation, energy and resource economics.

Previously he was a Senior Partner at McKinsey and co-founded and led their Cleantech and Sustainability practice, working with many large companies globally.

He is on the Board of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and is an angel investor in disruptive technology companies.

Stefan received his PhD in Cognitive Science from UCSD and a BS with honors in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University. His research there focused on deep learning.

Questions?  Please contact Douglas Spreng at

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DC Microgrids and Standards Webinar

For Early birds:  Friday, 13 January 2017 – 5:30AM PST


Off-grid microgrid applications can provide power where infrastructure costs or other issues are prohibitive for a fully connected system. IEEE has an initiative in place to make this a reality.

This webinar will:

  • Address the needs of the electrical power industry to provide safe and economic access to electricity in areas of developed and developing countries where centralized electric power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure does not exist.
  • Provide examples for deployment of distributed generation, storage and use of electricity based on existing technology.
  • Facilitate the use of clean renewable generation of electricity in these applications through standards like IEEE P2030.10™.
  • Highlight development of IEEE P2030.10 that covers the design, operations, and maintenance of a DC microgrid for rural or remote applications.

Presentations will further highlight IEEE P2030.10 project requirements for providing low voltage DC and AC power to off-grid loads.


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Corporate Sponsorship for September 21st 2016 special event

Santa Clara Valley IEEE Power & Energy and Industry Applications Society Chapter

Regulatory Aspects of Implementing Advanced Technology in the US Electric Grid

Speaker: Dr. Jessica Bian, Manager, FERC and 2016-2017 IEEE PES Secretary 

The Santa Clara Valley PES/IAS chapter is seeking a few corporate sponsorships for our talk by a noted FERC manager and current IEEE PES Officer, Dr. Jessica Bian.  Our objectives are:

  1. Encourage a few companies in Silicon Valley with an interest in new electric grid technologies to send several people to the talk
  2. Improve networking among companies
  3. Allow our chapter to reduce the cost of attendance to encourage broader attendance.

The sponsorship packages are:

  1. Platinum level
    1. 8 seats, all at one table if desired
    2. Link to your Company URL posted on our SCV chapter web site for the rest of 2016, along with an acknowledgment note.
    3. $350
  2. Gold level
    1. 4 seats, not necessarily at one table
    2. Link to your Company URL posted on our SCV chapter web site for the rest of 2016, along with an acknowledgment note
    3. $200


Thank you for your consideration! 

IEEE PES/IAS web site

Event URL


Steve Jordan, Chair; email:  sjordan(at)eeedotorg

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